Cecile Barsoum Reference Library

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Established in 2002, the Museum  reference library is housed in the room next to the Coptic Museum of Canada’s gallery. In 2014 it was named “Cecile Barsoum Reference Library” in memory of the first librarian.

The Cecile Barsoum Reference Library contains books and journals related to Coptic Art,  the  art of the Copts across the centuries, and  supporting historical, theological and archeological publications. The library’s  holdings can be found on the Coptic Museum of Canada ’s online catalogue.

Researchers and interested readers can also have access to archival material on the Coptic Museum of Canada’s collection, as well as online references of publications on Coptic Studies.

The library is open to the public by appointment only write to: copticmuseumofcanadalibrary@gmail.com